August 4th(Sat)1pm-6pm JST

Free spectator entrance (limited seating) Spectator registration has ended.

Stream Channels

Japanese Stream:Splat Japan League channel(OPENREC TV)

English stream:Endgame TV(Twitch)

The climax awaits!

Get ready for a whole new summer!

The community tournament that brings together Splatoon fans from Japan and the world – the “Platinum Cup” – will be hosting an offline tournament!

We will be inviting players from the Splat Japan League, as well as Splatoon players from overseas!

Watch players from Japan and abroad come together for an exciting new exhibition tournament. Don’t miss out!

Access Map


KFC Hall & Rooms

〒130-0015 1-6-1 Yokozuna, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


  • 3 minute walk from Toei Oedo Line Ryogoku Station, exit A3
  • 7 minute walk from JR Chuo-Sobu Line Ryogoku Station, West exit

About Platinum Cup

  1. August 4th(Sat)1pm-6pm JST
  2. Game Title:Splatoon2
  3. Invitational Team:4 teams
  4. Events contents
    1. Exhibition match(Turf War)
    2. InkStorm Winners VS SJL Winners Tournament
  5. Limit of spectato:250 seats(Spectator registration has ended)
  6. MC:Fu-ji(@bulldozer_fuji)
  7. SJL Side Commentator: Kitkat(@skitkatm9) Analyst: Fuji(@freeze_dust)
  8. InkStorm Side Commentator: Re:do(@redo_summer) Analyst: Kogio(@WelshCogio)


  1. Libalent Calamari(Cross 2438gakuen Atobaru Pyon
  2. GG BOYZ(Taiji Dynamon Etona Yamamitch
  3. Set to DestroyX(Kiver fuzzy Pen HXN
  4. Ghost Gaming(Sendou Brian Sorin Erza

Tournament rules

<Exhibition match>

  1. Each team leader from 4 teams randomly choose 1 member from the other 3 teams by paper fortune and build a team.
  2. Rule: Turf War
  3. Stages: All stages can be selected. It may not be chosen the same stage in all matches in the exhibition. The stages will be decided by scissors-paper-stone by one Japanese player from each team.
  4. Game format: BO1


<Platinum Cup 4th>

  1. Numbers of players: 4 players (If the team has more than 5 players, you may only register 4 players)
  2. Rules: Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker, Clam Blitz
  3. Stages: All stages can be selected (The first stage will be chosen by the organiser. From the second game, it is a counter-system. The team which lost the previous match pick the next stage. It may not be chosen the same stage against the same opponent)
  4. Game format: BO3 (BO2 at the third-place game)
  5. Weapon-gear limitation: No sub gear
  • Game Schedule
    • STDx vs Ghost
      Tower Control(The Reef)→Rainmaker→Splat Zones→Clam Blitz→Tower Control
    • Calamari vs (SJL)
      Splat Zones(Humpback Pump Track)→Clam Blitz→Tower Control→Rainmaker→Splat Zones
    • Third-place game
      Splat Zones(Inkblot Art Academy)→Tower Control→Rainmaker
    • Final game
      Splat Zones(Sturgeon Shipyard)→Rainmaker→Tower Control→Clam Blitz→Splat Zones


  • Outside food is allowed at the venue. Please take all trash with you and do not leave them at the venue.
  • The venue is a strictly non-smoking area.
  • There will be video and photo shootings conducted at the venue. Please note that event photos may be used for web, social, and mass media.
  • Details are subject to change without notice.